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Food Trips and Cooking Holidays to Spain

Eating and drinking in Spain is one of the most pleasurable activities in Spanish daily life, which is probably why meals seem to go on for hours!

Food is more than a form of sustenance in Spain. Friendships are formed, families unite, and the working week can be set around every day's important meals. The country's distinctive cuisine brings together unique regional dishes, special ingredients and long standing influences from Moorish and Arab settlers.

Exquisite fish dishes prevail along the country's extensive coastline; magnificent roast lamb, game, suckling pig, bean dishes and sausage products in central Castile; and rice dishes, in the south-eastern regions of Valencia and Murcia. Not to be missed of course are tapas.

Tapas are probably the concept of Spanish cuisine most admired and imitated around the world, inspiring thousands of bars and restaurants. Wine making is also in Spain is a 3,000 year-old tradition and wine experts agree that Spain is producing some of the world's finest and most exciting wines today.

What better way to learn about this cooking style and Spanish culture than in Spain itself.





La Mancha



1 Day / 7 Day Cooking Holiday
Culinary Vacation in Andalucia
Casa Cebadillas invites you to experience a culinary holiday in Andalucia.
FROM: £ 35pp

Please click tour enquiry for availability & cost structure.
Flexible Schedule of Cooking Holiday
Granada Cooking School
Casa Azahar in Granada's historic quarter opens its doors for cooking & wine classes.
FROM: £ 30pp

Please click tour enquiry for availability and cost structure.
About 1 1/2 Hours Tour
Seville Tapas and Wine Walking Tour

Discover the cuisine and wines of Seville, considered the best place in Spain for tapas.

FROM: £ 64.38pp

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3 Days Culinary Tour
Food and Culture in  Bilbao
Explore Bilbao through this exploration of Basque Gastronomy, culture and architecture.
FROM: £ 177pp

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Half A Day Culinary Tour
Pintxos Cooking Lesson
Discover in your cooking holiday the secrets of miniature cuisine of the Basque Country.
FROM: £ 80pp

Please click tour enquiry for availability & cost structure.
4 Hours Culinary Tour
Madrid Night, Tapas and Drinks Tour
Get an introduction to the Spanish tapas culture in bars you might not know otherwise.
FROM: £ 36pp

Please click tour enquiry for availability & cost structure.